RC Cars

A radio controlled vehicle is a gas/battery-powered model truck or car that can be controlled from a distance by use of a specialized transmitter or remote. The commercially viable radio-controlled cars were invented back in the late 1960s. however, even today despite the invention of streaming television services, gaming consoles, and advancement in the world of smartphones RC cars still remain popular. I mean there is something that is just undeniably and incredibly fun about racing a fast little car down your street or even around your house. An RC tank, for instance, will allow you to re-invent or rather redesign your number one Hollywood war scene, travel through some seriously rough terrain or even just get blown away by how much these ‘toys’ look like the real thing. Click on this link to read more on most of these RC vehicles that you have been looking for.

Most RC vehicle enthusiasts have something specific that they look for in their vehicle of choice. For one reason or the other, you will pick one RC car model over another. There are many factors that you will look at if you are a car enthusiast or you recently developed a hobby in RC cars. In most cases, when making a choice for an RC car, individuals consider performance, remote features, and the overall vehicle design.

While real cars are almost everyone’s first love, no one can really be too old to enjoy the brilliance behind an RC Car. RC vehicles are held in high regard by most people and racing them is a thrilling experience and more than just a hobby. Let us, therefore, look at some of the reasons why:

  • Remote control features

  • Affordability

  • Durability

  • Design

  • Variety

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Performance features

  • Ability to upgrade or modify

  • Simplicity

  • Ability to meet the need of car enthusiasts

  • Availability of replacement parts

Let us delve into more details why RC vehicles remain popular every other year.

Remote control features

Remote control features can range from simple to complex. For beginners, simple and straight forward remote controls would be highly recommended as opposed to detailed and more complex RC setups which are in most cases better suited for experienced persons. Read here on remote features.


Like in any other thing you might be interested in buying, an RC car ought to fit in your desired budget. The Traxxas RTR Rustler that has Water Proof XL-5 RTR Remote Control Car is one such budget oriented vehicle. This top speed RC vehicle has many amazing features including its ability to cruise in dirt or gravel and even on smooth surfaces. It is indeed quite a perfect choice for an entry-level car in addition to it being pocket-friendly.


Like in every other product that we may purchase, durability is a factor that we cannot negate. RC vehicles are made to stand the test of time. Most RC vehicles do not corrode easily and the material used to make them is quite hardy.


When it comes to RC vehicles designs, you can consider off-road, on-road cars and monster trucks. Their designs vary and all this is dependable on their functions. For instance, off-road RC vehicles have open wheel design with a lot of ground clearance, knobby tires which give a lot of grips and full travel suspension. These cars can travel almost anywhere and the rougher the terrain is, the better for them. Here are more on these car designs.


When it comes to RC vehicles, there are a variety of them. They range from two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, monster trucks, tanks, drones, and even aircraft. Each category above has certain ‘toys’ with unique features ensuring that all enthusiasts are well taken care of and spoiled for choice as such. If you are into monster trucks, RC planet offers a wide variety of these and so much more.

Rechargeable batteries

The one good thing about RC vehicles is that they come with rechargeable batteries. This is a good feature as once the batteries run out of power, you can always charge them over and over again and enjoy thrilling races both on-road and off-road depending on your RC car model. Battery sizes are either AAA or AA.

Performance features

When it comes to performance features, one cannot help but think of speed and amazing stunts. The Vatos Off-road High-Speed Car, for instance, comes with a 40km/hour top speed, an independent suspension system, 3-stage differential gear and rubber tires that aid in withstanding hours of off-road terrain. Click here for more on performance features.

Ability to upgrade or modify

At RC planet, most if not all of the RC vehicles come with features that enable you to modify or upgrade your car model to one that better suits your needs.


For instance, when choosing an RC car for your child, simplicity is a vital factor to consider. Simplicity in remote controls is the key factor to consider. A more experienced RC car enthusiast might prefer more complex remote controls but this mightn’t be the case with rookies or beginners.

Ability to meet the need of car enthusiasts

Most RC car enthusiasts are looking to getting a certain species of satisfaction when it comes to their RC vehicle experience. A combination of the factors mentioned above ensures that each RC car enthusiast has several options that suit their specific needs in choice of a car model.

Availability of replacement parts

The beauty with most RC cars is the very fact that they come with replaceable parts. At RC planet, for instance, damage to a specific part of your car be it the bumper or even the suspension system will not necessitate you buying a new vehicle; rather, all you need to do is to replace the damaged part. At RC planet, for instance, all vehicles come with available replacement parts giving you less sleepless nights.