emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be described very simply as a person’s ability to perceive, understand, improve and manage emotions. It’s a very important behavior or lifestyle to imbibe as it has been linked to increased levels of skill, personal development, self-control, perseverance and motivation in the workplace. Emotionally intelligent people are generally better motivated, productive, efficient, effective, happy and even likeable by their co-workers or business partners.

Apart from the traditional workplace, emotional intelligence is very important regarding personal interactions when you’re trying to convince a new partner to come on board or when you need to persuade investors to join you. You will get a lot further a lot faster if you have the tenets of emotional intelligence.

As a concept, it involves five major principles which when imbibed will increase productivity in the workplace. It includes


A self-conscious person is very aware of himself and is honest about his own strengths, weaknesses and shortfalls. Such a person, because he is self-aware, is very accommodating of other colleagues and easily puts himself in their shoes to try to ascertain what it is they feel and how best to handle them. He will also be able to understand their reactions to certain things as well as how his actions or inactions might affect them. This is one of the best ways to buoy your employees’ spirit de corps.


When you’re emotionally intelligent in the workplace, your self-consciousness allows you to read colleague‘s mood or state of mind and act accordingly. It will also help you be in a good place with your superiors because you don’t just know your job but you know how they would want it carried out even if it differs from what you’d like to do. More importantly however, this consciousness will help you restrain yourself from being unreasonably emotional and find a better course of action.


In the workplace, it is easy to see that people like this are largely motivated by a lot more than money. Because of how well they think and ultimately behave, they are more resourceful, driven and purposeful than other employees. The satisfaction they receive from their work is a lot different from the feeling of a fat bank account.


Simply put, this is how to describe the intelligence required to understand people and more specifically, their emotional temperament. When a person is as understanding as this, they are very considerate and tend to make clearer and more widely benefitting decisions in the workplace.

Social and Interpersonal Skills

Because they are self-conscious, have self-restraint and are empathetic, emotional intelligent workers get along with people a lot easier than others. They are quick to build relationships and connections in the workplace such that people are very tolerant and respectful of them. This undoubtedly increases productivity especially if a person like this heads a team.

Any workplace that has highly emotionally intelligent workers is an ideal place for anyone. Genos International renders services where they can train and increase the level of emotional intelligence in your workplace. When this is done, workers will be more motivated, efficient and this could translate to substantial and measurable productivity.