The pros of North Coast Financial begin with the general advantages of borrowing from hard money lenders, but they do not end there. North Coast Financial makes it easy for real estate property owners to get their loans. Bridge loans California has a thriving real estate and house flipping industry, so hard money loans and similar financial services are in high demand.

What Are Hard Money Loans?

Hard money loans are a boon to real estate investors and owners of commercial real estate properties. They have fairly short terms of repayment, so most people use them to fund business projects that they expect will pay off quickly. For example, you can use a hard money loan to renovate an existing property or to put a down payment on an additional property.

You must use a real estate property that you already own to secure a hard money loan. Interest rates on hard money loans tend to be in the high single digits. Many hard money lenders cap the amount of the loan at about 75 percent of the value of the property being used to secure it.

The North Coast Financial Difference

Customers who have taken out hard money loans from North Coast Financial routinely express satisfaction with how easy the process is. Anyone who has bought real estate knows that applying for a mortgage loan can be very tedious and time-consuming. Thus, hard money loans from North Coast Financial are a great alternative. Many borrowers who apply for hard money loans from North Coast Financial get the loan money in less than a week.

Hard money loans are a convenient source of funding for people who own real estate. With North Coast Financial, it has never been easier to get a hard money loan.