Almost every company in the world relies heavily on computers to go about their business, manage transaction and store data. Such a wide use of computers and the storing of sensitive information can make your company susceptible to a cyber attack and it is absolutely vital that you find ways in which you can protect your computer systems.

Today we are going to focus on user activity monitoring and how you can use this to better protect your company computer system.

What Is User Activity Monitoring?

In a nutshell user activity monitoring is a collection of software tools which can be used to track the performance and the behaviors of individual users within your business. These software tools will track each and every device which your employees use and you will receive detailed analysis based on the movements of each of your employees. The reason for using such software is to mitigate any security risks which may come either from inside the organization, or which come from inside by proxy, controlled by an external hacker.

How User Activity Monitoring Works?

The idea behind user activity monitoring is to protect information whilst at the same time being able to ensure compliance with data privacy and regulations that have been put in place from a security standpoint. In order to monitor user activity, software tools will do so using the following techniques.

– Log analysis and collection

– Keystroke logging

– Monitoring of kernels

– Screen capture

– Recording of sessions using video

Using these techniques, the software is able to give a full and accurate picture of the behavioral trends of the users.

What to do With The Information?

Whilst the software most definitely helps out in terms of putting all of this information together, it is important that the data which comes out of the monitoring process, is reviewed and action taken. This can not only highlight any security breaches but you can also see how productive an employee is with an honest review of what they have searched for and looked at on their device during working hours.

What Are The Benefits of User Activity Monitoring?

The reason why more businesses should focus on this side of their practice is because user activity monitoring is a great way of evading security threats which may come from inside the business. This sis not to suggest that an attack may come directly from your employee, they could be colluding with someone else or their low-level profile may have been hacked to gain access to more confidential information. The key benefit here is being able to clearly see when something steps away from a profile’s normal behavior. Aside from the imminent security threats which this software can greatly help to reduce, as an employer you will be able to keep an eye on what your staff are doing whilst they should be working.

Make sure that you invest in UAM in order to have a safer business.