Bali, Indonesia

Bali Island – the perfect place for romance

Of the thousands of islands in Indonesia, the island of Bali is known worldwide as a top holiday hotspot. Visitors from near and far come regularly to enjoy all of the wonderful delights that the island has to offer. Some parts of the island are dense with holiday makers, lining the beautiful beaches and enjoying the plethora of bars and restaurants available. But, away from the hussle and bussle of holidaying guests, along some of the most jaw dropping coastlines and within fabulous dense jungle, you can discover a sense of peace and tranquility like you have never experienced before. Bali is an island quite unique in its make up, boasting a wonderfully diverse landscape, it also possesses a strong cultural and spiritual vibe that creates a sense of peace and romance This unique blend keeps visitors coming back time and time again and is the reason Bali has become a top location for weddings and honeymoons.

Organising your perfect Bali wedding

Bali has developed very quickly over the years and the wedding industry has certainly kept up with the pace. What started as a few beach style weddings has become a huge industry in on the island. If you google ‘wedding in Bali’ you will find pages and pages of companies, agencies, individuals and specialists offering their services. It is easy to get lost and confused with so many options available. Some couples choose to try and coordinate their big day by themselves and book individual vendors to deliver all of the different elements. This is possible but very time consuming. The easiest and perhaps less risky way of organizing your wedding in Bali is to seek out the help of an agency or professional who can arrange the event as a complete package. This way you are able to pick and choose from a clear menu of options that have been tried and tested.

Arranging your wedding direct with a venue

Many venues offer all inclusive wedding packages that provide a pretty standard style of event. Going direct with the venue tends to be relatively hassle free as long as you are happy with many of the choices being made for you and less flexibility on personal styling and service. The other option is to use a wedding agency who can tailor make your big day according to how you and your beloved want the day to flow.

Choosing a wedding agency

If you are unsure as to how you should select your ideal wedding agency it could be useful to visit a few blogs and look for recommendations. Once you have your shortlist be sure to check their reviews to see how satisfied previous couples have been with the quality and service. The Seven Agency is a wedding agency that has a team of over 40 wedding experts in Bali (click here to see their website), they are also part of a global network which enables the Bali based teams to tap into the knowledge and experience of professionals and expertise from around the world. They have organised thousands of weddings in Bali and are one of the highest rated and most talked about group of wedding professionals in the region.

What to consider before sealing the deal

If you have your eye on a particular agency and want to look deeper into their background, one of the first things to check is whether they have all of their legal permits or not. An agency may appear to be extremely competent but if they do not have the right paperwork your wedding could be ruined with a surprise visit from immigration. Speed of response to your initial queries is always a good indicator as to how professional and efficient they are likely to be and also how well you connect with your wedding planner. it is also very important to get clarity on costs up front so you are not surprised with any hidden fees thrown at the at the end.

As an island Bali never fails to delight so as long as you choose the right agency to work with your big day will be a day that dreams are made of.