Lyon France

You’ve heard of Paris, but there’s another amazing city you’ll want to see next time you’re in France. That city is Lyon, the third biggest city in France. It’s a city with a very long history behind it, and going there can be like going back in time. It’s a perfect destination for those who love food and artwork.

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Lyon’s cuisine is its greatest claim to fame. In a country that’s known for gourmet cooking, this city stands above the rest. It’s heavily populated with restaurants where you can try classic French dishes such as dried pork sausage and andouillette(pork chitterlings). Lyon is also the home of Paul Bocuse, known as the father of nouvelle cuisine. This style of cooking contains less calories and focuses on the use of fresh ingredients. Visit his restaurant, and you’ll see why Lyon is considered the food capital of the world.

Presqu’ile District

Along with its food, Lyon is also famous for its architecture. The Presqu’ile district is the best place to experience it. You’ll see buildings that are centuries old standing alongside modern marvels. The Presqu’ile district is also Lyon’s go-to place to do some shopping. It’s a beautiful area to explore, and no trip to Lyon is complete without it.

Musée des Beaux Arts

If you’re an art lover, this is something you can’t miss. Along with the Louvre, Musée des Beaux Arts is one of France’s greatest museums. It contains an enormous collection of art from all around Europe, and its collections dates back centuries. There is an incredible variety of art on display, including Renaissance art, modern art, impressionist, sculptures, and even artwork from ancient Egypt.

Roman Theatre of Fourviere

As implied by the name, this old theatre was originally built in an ancient Roman city 2000 years ago. The structure is reminiscent of an old Roman Colosseum. Despite its age, the theatre is in amazing shape and still holds events such as operas and concerts. It’s a must-see for anyone who’s interested in Roman history.

Parc de la Tête d’Or

The Parc de la Tête d’Or is the place to go when you’re ready to leave the city and go back to nature. It’s the largest park in France, and it’s home to a giant lake, a zoo, and botanical gardens. Also, be sure to visit the rose gardens while you’re there.

Musée Miniature et Cinéma

Lyon, France was the birthplace of the world’s first cinematograph, invented by Auguste and Louis Lumiere. This makes the Musée Miniature et Cinéma an obvious place for movie lovers. This fascinating museum is home to hundreds of props and costumes from famous movies. As an added bonus, it also features over a hundred beautifully crafted, incredibly detailed dioramas that are a sight to see in their own right.

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