Apart from the usual coffee that you drink every day, have you ever thought that coffee can be used for other purposes too? Yes, it can be used for many other useful purposes. Here is a list of some expert tips to use coffee differently that you will really love –

Hair rinse – If you want to get rid of residue of hair products then you can simply massage some used coffee ground on your hair before shampoo. Coffee rinse helps in preventing hair shredding if you apply it after a shampoo or a conditioner. But, be careful with coffee in a bathroom, don’t splash it anywhere, as it is tough to clean coffee stains.

As good compost – If you need good compost for your garden soil, then coffee can help you, as it is rich in nitrogen which is important for plants growth. Coffee’s nitrogen will help plants in converting the sunlight into the required energy.

Exfoliate – You can add coffee to normal or warm water or in to coconut oil and then use it as a scrubber on your skin, right from head to toe. This will help you in getting rid of the dead cells of your skin.

Air freshener – Most of the people love the smell of coffee. It’s really pleasant… how about using it as an air freshener. You just need a sock, coffee, a spoon and an elastic band. Fill in the warm coffee into the sock and tie it up with elastic band and use it like an air vent.

Be friends with good worms – Worms love coffee, so if you fond of gardening then add some coffee to your flowerbeds. This will attract worms that can help in giving your plants and soil, the required nutrients. They will aerate the surface to enable the roots of plants to grow, nicely.

Scrubber at home – You can also use coffee as a surface scrubber. Spread some of the used coffee over your kitchen counter and then use a slight wet cleaning cloth to clean it; it will work as a great cleaning product. You can even wash dirty dishes with it.

Reduction of cellulite – You must noticed that many cellulite controlling product have coffee in it. You can create your own home made beauty product to control cellulite; it will work as a healthy scrubber.

Deodorize – If you feel that your armpit or other body areas smell bad, then you can mix some Organo Gold coffee in a bowl of warm water. Before taking a bath, you can apply it on your body and keep it for at least one hour. It’s a good way to get rid of bad odor.

Hair Color – If you have dark hair, you can take help of the coffee grounds to enhance your hair color and add shine to them. All you need is strong brewed coffee, apply it on your hair and let it stay for an hour. Then, take a shower.

Keep your hands clean – When you are done chopping onions or garlic, even after washing hands are a light sticky. Rub some coffee to absorb the smell and stickiness.