In the past couple of years, Inverness has grown into an even more important centre. It’s commonly called the capital of the Scottish Highlands. Inverness is a place with deep history and unique culture that has now grown into a modern, albeit modest-sized city of significant importance. After spending time in the many meeting rooms Inverness has to offer, you’ll want to spend some time with the city itself and its surroundings. Fortunately, there are websites such as Venuefinder that make finding a meeting room easy. And for the rest of the leisure time, here are a few of the things you should do.

See the legend

Loch Ness is around 7 miles from Inverness and is not only famous for housing the famous Nessie – the Loch Ness Monster – but also for being the largest fresh water body in all of Britain. It may hold more water than all of the waterbodies in England and Wales, but as a visitor, you’ll be interested in spotting the elusive Nessie, the monster made famous in the past century. Beyond that, the beautiful scenery and cool water alone make a trip to the lake worth every second spent there.

Do some shopping

Once you’re done with the business meetings, you might want to relax by attending to your shopping needs. Well, not to worry, because Inverness is an excellent place to do your shopping. It’s known for having over 500 shops, some of which are smaller and more intimate shops, while some are larger names and are able to fulfil some shopping needs smaller shops cannot.

Peruse Scottish history

One of Inverness’ most important buildings is the Inverness Museum. It’s been renovated in the past decade, and since then it offers a great chance to learn all about the history of Inverness and its surroundings, its culture, and traditions, and all of it in a very digestible manner. You can see exhibitions of fine arts and crafts in the Art Gallery, while the Discovery Centre allows a more direct approach – you can unlock an actual medieval chest.

See the castles from up close

Since Inverness is modest in size, practically everything is within a walking distance. And no exception to that is the Inverness Castle. The beautiful castle is a short walk from the city centre, and since entry isn’t permitted to the public, you’ll have access only to the grounds, which should be more than enough to experience the beauty of the castle, its surroundings, and the banks of the River Ness. The castle is thought to be the inspiration for the Macbeth’s castle, and it truly is a timeless landmark everybody should visit.

Sit in an airplane cockpit

The Inverness Airport is situated 7 miles from the city of Inverness, and right next to it you can find the Highland Aviation Museum. It displays a fascinating variety of aviation heritage, and many of the aircraft used in the UK are on display in the museum. There are plenty of parked aircrafts, and one of the first things you’re being encouraged is to experience the airplane from inside the cockpit. There are even ejector seats that you can try out for yourself.