We spend many hours sleeping and it is perhaps for this reason that you should ensure the bedroom is a place that welcomes relaxation. With that said, let’s delve straight in and explore some decorating ideas and tips.

1: The Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is something that you should consider at length, it really does set the mood for the room. Whether you choose a light restful hue or a deep romantic shade, the choices are almost endless. As are the finishes available, gone are the days of choosing either a matt or silk finish. Paint manufacturers have added various finishes to complement the old favourites, there are now smart metallic finishes, rich suede finishes for a soft subtle texture and satin finishes that provide a smooth velvety surface. Often a feature wall may be painted a contrasting colour, for added effect.

2: A New Bed

The question of purchasing a new bed often arises during redecoration, or the purchase may have been the catalyst for the redecoration. Whichever is the case, the type of bed must again be well considered. Many beds now offer storage solutions within them, either drawers or a cantilevered top, providing excellent storage for clothes, bedding or almost anything else. Again, the choice and style of bed and mattress combination is almost endless – read more here.

3: Curtains or blinds?

This is obviously another personal choice, but the choice depends on the style, or mood you are trying to create. Blinds are available in various types, easy to keep clean and versatile in use. Whether you choose roman blinds, vertical blinds or venetian blinds is of course often dictated by the window configuration. There are many types of wooden blinds in various finishes available, which are produced from a variety of suitable woods and are readily available from Direct Blinds. Many people often choose to install blinds within the window reveal, as well curtains or drapes, for effect. The installation of both can greatly improve insulation and light ingress, if that is an issue.

4. Space Saving

The redecoration may also involve the purchase of other furniture as well as a bed. A great idea for reducing the clutter in the room. There are a multitude of space-saving storage solutions available, including drawers, cupboards or combination units, freestanding or built-in wardrobes and many other matching items.

5. Radiator

It can be easy to forget about the radiator; however, they appear in every room of the house for a reason: to keep you warm when the cold weather hits. Some retailers have a great selection to choose from, Radiator Outlet is one such favourite. Style, colour and size are all important factors involved when it comes to selecting a radiator.

6. Lighting

Lighting can have a massive effect upon the “feel” of the room and again, the choices are very wide. Sunken spotlights can provide the brighter light needed for dressing, while table lamps or wall lights will provide the mood lighting for other times.