While you were sitting back, relaxed and watching the movie in the cinema or at home watching a football game or listening to new broadcaster, have you even wondered what went on behind the screen before the movie was screened or the news broadcasted? I used to wonder about what went on and what are the things involved in the preparation, the shooting of the video, the music and the sound system involved. Deep down, I have this interested to witness the whole process right from the beginning to the end results.

One small part that contributes to the production of movies, broadcasting of new, and etc. is the system integration. System integration is carried out by a system integrator. It could be a person or a company that puts together component subsystems into a whole and making sure that all the subsystems function together. A system integrator help to solve automation problems e.g. in computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management, the mass media, and etc. System integrator’s main focus is on data quality issues.

A system integrator should excel in software, system and enterprise architecture, software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, and general problem solving skills. System integrators have to be able to meet the needs of their clients with existing products. In the entertainment installations, broadcast system integrators functions as designers or engineers, to bring together a wide array of components from various brands to accomplish the goal of creating a unified, functioning system that meets the needs of their clients.

These broadcast system integrators select instruments and control components to bring about the specific mix of output, function, interconnection, program storage, controls, and user interfaces required for specific projects. The integrators are also responsible for generating the control riser, collaborating with the lighting consultant or AV consultant on the function programming, and will commission the system once installed.

Sometimes these system integrators are the vendor for projects they are commissioning, and works together with the lighting designer on the artistic design. As the lighting and AV systems level increases in sophistication, and the number of manufacturers for components of these system increases, the demands for system integrators also increases.

There are now many broadcast integration companies providing turnkey services over a wide range of technologies. They design, install and commission the technical facilities in film studios, radio and television studios. Their team consists of audio and software engineers to blend in-depth technical knowledge with emerging technologies. These companies provide practical project management solutions to meet their clients’ needs.