After a couple of years, your business has evolved from its humble beginnings to signing on clients which have provided the cash flow needed to fuel further growth.

You are at a crucial stage in the growth of your startup. Accordingly, it is time to do what is necessary to become the company that can solve problems for thousands of clients as easily as it can for dozens.

To that end, there are plenty of resources that can help you level up your efforts in whichever field your company operates.

From innovation management software for businesses to the invaluable input a solid mentor can provide, there are numerous actions you can take to power your startup to the next phase of its existence.

Let’s explore them in further detail below.

1) Manage new ideas like projects

Part of the process of becoming a larger company involves taking on problems that bigger clients have and solving them.

This will require a great deal of innovation – while this sounds scary, coming up with better ways to do things on a larger scale is what separates excellent companies from stagnant ones.

When you take on these puzzles, it is important to stay organized to ensure that your team logically progresses from the definition stage through to final resolution.

Innovation management software does this with ease, as it provides your professionals with an interface that makes it easy for them to do their jobs effectively.

2) Seek out venture funding

Big dreams are often greatly outstripped by the amount of cash you currently have on hand. If you can prove the positive results you are achieving for current clients, though, it will be relatively easy to convince venture capitalists to provide you with the capital you’ll need to buy equipment, factory capacity, server space, etc.

Just be sure to go into negotiations with your floor clearly defined, or these streetwise bankers may end up taking a much bigger share of your business (and with it, added influence) than you ever envisioned.

3) Find a mentor you can trust

The business world can be a scary, dog-eat-dog place at times. When you have an experienced mentor to confide in, though, these confusing, complex, or frightening situations become a lot easier to navigate, as you’ll have someone who’s been through it all by your side.

How do you meet someone willing to be your mentor? Attend networking events frequently, and don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with people noticeably older than you, as they may be able to assist you in your quest to bring your startup to the next level.

4) Take social media seriously

Once derided as something college students and office workers used to waste time between classes and meetings, social media has firmly embedded itself in the background of our daily lives.

Indeed, many people take to their favorite social platform to ask friends and peers their opinion on a variety of subjects.

No matter your niche, social media can boost the prestige of your business through good reviews, and it provides you with a damage control and feedback mechanism when things go awry.

Take this medium seriously, and your business will go places in a hurry.