Is your closet full of different types of bags that take up all the space? I know I’m not the only one who has a separate backpack for seemingly every activity. Seriously, gym backpack, briefcase, travel backpack, the one that’s waterproof, just in case… where does it stop?

Fortunately, nowadays, it’s possible to combine all of these bags into one! Standard’s Laptop Backpack merges messenger bag, backpack and briefcase into one neat looking package! Check it out!

It’s the perfect size!

Some backpacks are simply too cumbersome to use on a daily basis, while others don’t have enough space for all of our belongings. This bag stands at 15 x 28 x 15 cm, and the volume is set at 18L of capacity. Through the use of high-quality materials, the weight is kept at a modest 2.2 lbs, and once you get used to it, you won’t even feel it after a couple of days.


With the exterior built from 310D polyurethane sealed nylon and the interior consisting of 210D nylon lining, you can rest assured that this backpack is here to stay. Still, durability is one thing, but style is something completely different.

We’re sure you’d be happy to see that Standard’s Daily Backpack also scores high figures in the styling department. Due to its neutral coloring, you’ll be able to combine it with practically anything, from formal suits to casual T-shirts.

It’s all about the gadgets

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we can pretty much guarantee that you have at least one gadget you can’t live without. At the end of the day, we are all living in a technology driven era, so we can’t say we’re any different.

Most backpacks have some specially designed compartments intended for these purposes, but Standard takes the innovation to another level. All of those electronics require tons of power, so it’s always smart to keep a charger around. Well, this backpack comes with a built-in USB charging port, so those problems will become a thing of the past.

In case photography is also one of your passions, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that Standard’s Daily Backpack also comes with internal pockets, dedicated for cameras and lenses. A collapsible water bottle pocket is there to make sure you always maintain an optimal level of hydration. Due to its sleek design, you won’t even notice it, in case you decide not to use it.

Keep your data safe!

Technology is definitely great in general, but it also can leave us vulnerable to hackers. Well, that’s at least true if you don’t buy this tremendous backpack. What do we mean? An RFID blocking pocket is there to protect you from any unwanted access. Believe me, the last thing you’d want is to become a victim of identity theft.

When it comes to any physical threats, this backpack comes with a highly reliable set of YKK buckles, zips and snap hooks. In case you want to create an additional layer of safety, you can also add locks to your zips, and you’ll be good to go.

Also included in the package are:

An additional rain cover, which serves as another layer of protection.

Premium shoulder strap which transforms this backpack into a messenger bag instantly.

Satisfaction warranty and a Lifetime Guarantee, synonymous with all Standard’s products.

Free worldwide shipping.

Comfort above all else

It goes without saying that a backpack with this sort of features needs to be ultra-comfortable as well. The Standard’s Luggage Co’s backpack is also designed to hug your body, distributing the weight perfectly. A specially ventilated back section raises the comfort of use to another level. The added padding on all sides turns this backpack into an ideal everyday companion. Using the combination of mesh pockets and padded compartments, every inch of space is used, while giving you easy access to all of your possessions. It’s an ideal tool for any modern day person looking to embrace minimalism.