Thailand is renowned for giving all its visitors a warm and friendly welcome so it makes a lot of sense to consider this part of the world as a great host for your conference event.

Here is a look at why you might want to choose Thailand as your venue for a conference and some pointers on how to ensure that the event is a success.

All the right attributes

Location can make a big difference to how well your conference event is attended and what you get out of it in terms of business opportunities.

A good way of helping to ensure that delegates confirm their attendance and arrive in a good frame of mind is to pick a place where you know that the local people will deliver excellent standards of service and hospitality.

That is where Thailand scores heavily. It is a country that prides itself on giving visitors a very warm welcome and if that is not enough of a reason in itself, the offer of excellent infrastructure and some of the most incredible food found anywhere should seal the deal.

Thailand offers easy access and visa-free access to a large number of countries and territories so it should not prove a logistical challenge to invite delegates from around the globe.

The airline links are also geared toward modern travel requirements so it should not prove much of a challenge for people to get to and from your conference.

Excellent accommodation and facilities

Thailand might be a land of rich cultural heritage with incredible historical temples and tropical views, but it is also a modern and forward-thinking country that has worked hard to create great facilities.

There are many great accommodation options, such as the Marriott Executive Apartments, for instance, and there is no shortage of world-class convention and exhibition centers that you can use to host your event.

The Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center is a prime example of the quality of facilities at your disposal and there are plenty of options across the country to consider.

Doing business in Thailand

It helps to understand a bit about business etiquette and customs in Thailand so that you can build relationships and make the most of the opportunities there.

Traveling around the major cities like Bangkok can be a challenge because of heavy volumes of traffic on the streets so be mindful of allowing enough time between meetings.

Courtesy is an important attribute for Thai people and any degree of criticism or negative comments is unlikely to be well received. You will often be asked some hierarchical questions when you first meet a business contact and you should not be insulted by their questions about where they and you fit into that hierarchy.

Do as the Thai’s do and accept these questions with good nature.

There are many positive reasons why you might want to host a conference in Thailand and the excellent facilities combined with an assured friendly welcome are just a couple of them.