The lively, cosmopolitan city of Brisbane is a great place to be a start-up. For one thing, it offers a more affordable way to live and work than hotspots like Sydney and Melbourne. The cost of both domestic and commercial leasing is significantly lower here.

It is easy to get around, with a great transport system and plenty of networking opportunities. Even more importantly, the business culture is warm and welcoming. Once you have found a suitable office space in Brisbane, it’s just a matter of meeting the right people.

This article takes a look at commercial real estate in the area. Keep reading for advice on what to lease, where to lay down roots, and how to launch in style.

The Rise of the Serviced Workspace

The traditional, long-term lease isn’t ideal for all businesses. There is this assumption that rigid and long-term agreements are the only option. This isn’t the case. Brisbane is a very forward-thinking place, with a strong interest in new ideas. It’s part of the reason why flexible office spaces are so popular here.

Take serviced workspaces, for example. They provide all of the luxury and privacy of a world-class office, but the rates are highly manageable. This is achieved by consolidating almost all of the key utilities into a single monthly payment. So, if you opt for a serviced suite, there is no need to take out extra contracts with heating, lighting, cleaning, or broadband providers.

Why Serviced Is Better Than Traditional

Often, a serviced arrangement will suit a business better, because the terms are inherently flexible. There is no need to lock the company into a lengthy three or five-year lease. Sometimes, rigid contracts can feel more secure. However, think about what might happen if you grow too quickly for the original space.

There is no guarantee you’ll be free to leave and upgrade. You’ll almost certainly have to pay a hefty fine for the privilege because traditional leases lock tenants in. With a serviced lease, the agreement rolls over until otherwise requested. You are free to remove, add, or change the terms of the contract at any time.

Take a Look at the Best Offices in Brisbane

If you’re interested in renting a serviced office, focus on central Brisbane. Your business will be at the heart of the action and ideally placed to forge connections within the community.

The following are some of the most sought-after spots:

Eagle Street Pier

The Eagle Street Pier area of Melbourne has a lot to offer investors. It is in the middle of the CBD for one thing, so it’s hard to find a spot that’s more centrally located. It is also a major tourist hotspot. If you want to make an impact and get people talking, commit to a base in the busiest district of the city.

Santos Place

Just a short walk away from Eagle Street Pier is Santos Place. It is home to an award-winning building that houses many successful companies. The offices in this neighbourhood tend to attract very modern, socially conscious brands. There are several sustainable structures in the area. So, if green products are your thing, think about making a home here.

How to Take the Next Step and Get a Lease

In many ways, going serviced is much easier than renting in any other manner. Certainly, if you pick a fully furnished suite, the work involved is minimal. It’s just a matter of organising your team and setting up computers.

The serviced provider can help you with both of these tasks. All that is required to become a tenant is a down payment – usually covering a month – and some formal identification. You can terminate the agreement at any time. Some providers will even help you relocate.