Sell Things

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s meat and that has never been truer than in today’s world. We live in a world where everything is disposable, food, television shows, clothing and almost every other material possession and because trends are changing so fast, we have become a nation of people who love nothing more than throwing things out.

The reason I talk about this today is because as a salesman, I know that there is always a market for everything that you can think of and we have the online marketplace to sell it. During my time selling online I have seen a laboratory refrigerator for sale, animals up for grabs and even unfinished bottles of perfume getting sold for amounts that I never thought that I’d see. In my view, I think it is important that you never throw anything out, and here is why.

Waste Problem

If you allow me, I want to start by focusing on the problem of waste in the world and where it all goes. As much as we are trying our best to recycle wood, paper, plastic, cardboard, electronics and metals, there is only so much recycling that can be done, and only so many things that can be made from the old products. If the things that we throw away cannot be recycled then they go to landfill which is basically a huge pile of trash which we bury underground, damaging the environment and the eco-system. I am no eco warrior but this seems like a crazy waste.

People Buy Things

Don’t ever think that someone will not or could not buy something which you are selling, there is always someone who may want it. I have seen some absolutely incredible things sell online that most people would never even consider trying to move on for money. In this regard, don’t ever assume that because you don’t want something anymore, that this means nobody will ever want it. I tis always worth trying to sell something online that you no longer want, you never know who might buy it.

People May Need It

If you do have something that you no longer want but cannot sell it, then you should strongly consider donating it to charity before you ever consider throwing it out. This is even more true with items such as clothing which can be put to such good use for those who do not have the money to pay for their own clothing. The world is wealthy but it seems to be spread out in the wrong places and there are many people in need, donating your goods to charity means that you can either help the charity make money, or directly help the people who need it most.

My advice would be to always think twice before putting an item in the garbage because you could be tossing away your chance at making money or helping someone out.