For some people, making their house look luxurious and opulent means filling it with high tech gadgets and expensive items. In reality, this does not make it look luxurious at all. According to experts like Marc Hagins, it is about being creative and turning a space into something elegant and beautiful. Luxury and expensive are not two interchangeable terms, in other words. Indeed, Hagins believe that it is possible to make a house look luxurious even if you are on a very small budget.

The Marc Hagins Mirror on the Wall Effect

One of the easiest way to make a room look truly opulent and that doesn’t have to cost the earth, is to hang a mirror. Make sure it is one that is beautifully framed. There are numerous benefits to doing this. Firstly, it will make the room make a lot bigger. Secondly, it looks absolutely lavish, far more so than any other decorative item. The best thing is that mirrors are highly affordable.

The Importance of Lights

Another very important feature is lighting. Lights create hues and effects within the interior. Hence, it is important that lights are placed in strategic places. Any that have visible covers should also be very elegant, complementing the rest of the interior. If you have an antique living room, for instance, you should not have a modern fixture, not even if it cost $1,000.

Rugs Help

A plush rug really adds a touch of luxury and opulence. Any rug, regardless of its pattern, texture, or color, will instantly make a room look completely different. If you ensure that it matches your overall décor, your room will instantly look as if it was professionally decorated.

Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to make your home look more luxurious. One of the great things about wall arts is that you can purchase unique items for very little money, or high-quality reproductions of world famous works of art for a fraction of the price. Again, do make sure that the art matches the overall décor.

Wood Works

Wood is a fantastic way to make a room look more sophisticated and elegant. It creates a classical look, similar to one expected of royalty. Wood can also be incorporated in just about any element of your home. You could have wood flooring, wood furniture, wood decorations and ornaments, or even a wood panel on the wall. It is so versatile that you can use it anywhere you want.

Opt for Unusual Materials

Last but not least, unusual materials really stand out. Perhaps you could use driftwood to make a piece of wall art. Or maybe you can use bright colored silicone for your kitchen utensils. An agate bathroom with marble flooring will really stand out. Using something not everybody has, in other words, makes things stand out. And when things stand out, they instantly look more luxurious. This is perhaps because the definition of luxurious is not “expensive”, but rather “what not everybody can have”.