Is a trip to Canada in the cards for you in the immediate future? If you require accommodations which represent the best a destination has to offer, this article will help you find the luxury hotels you seek in these places.

1) L’Hermitage Hotel

Planning on starting your Canadian holiday on the West Coast? Make L’Hermitage Hotel your base.

Situated with a short distance of world-famous Stanley Park in Vancouver, the jaw-dropping vistas that make this city a top destination are easily accessible from the front doors of this hotel.

Within the hotel, you’ll find a lap pool together with a steam room and hot tub for your relaxation needs, and when the time comes to retire to your room for the night, an electric fireplace will supply your room with a gentle warmth that will help you fall into a restful slumber.

Sometimes, though, heavy rainfalls can afflict the west coast of British Columbia, making it difficult to enjoy the best attractions Vancouver has to offer.

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If the latter mode of entertainment appeals to you, read more about it here, and you’ll always have a time-killing option in your back pocket when the need arises.

2) Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

If the Canadian Rockies is on your travel agenda, spend at least a couple nights enjoying the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff.

Built to resemble a Scottish castle, it sits within close proximity to where peaks at the backside of the townsite rise over the Bow Valley.

This allows easy access to Banff’s ample frontcountry trails for avid hikers, but even the less physically inclined will be wowed by their surroundings, as the formidable Bow Falls are situated within ambling distance of the hotel’s grounds.

If the Scottish castle motif wasn’t enough for you, there are several restaurants, a well-regarded spa, and even a bowling alley located within its walls, making the Fairmont Banff Springs a solid luxury option for your stay in the Canadian Rockies.

3) Auberge Saint-Antoine

Quebec is a province unlike any other in Canada – it has a French majority population, and it has managed to preserve its culture even after being conquered by the British in the 18th century and being part of a majority English speaking country since 1867.

There is no better place to experience the flavor of this corner of the country than in Quebec City, and within its bounds, no better hotel than Auberge Saint-Antoine to lay your head during your visit.

A boutique property located within the Old Quarter, it is home to Panache Restaurant, one of Quebec City’s top spots for fine dining.

Within the rooms, heated floors will make it easy to wake up even on the coldest of winter mornings, and the rain shower heads in the bathroom will provide you with the relaxation you deserve after a long day exploring the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec.