You should know better than anyone else how hard it can be to operate a small business.

From customer needs to marketing to a healthy financial base, those are but three tasks you face.

Now, what happens when your business is in fact targeted by identity theft criminals?

If you are not careful, all those hours and days spent building up your small business could go up in smoke.

So, could your small business be the next identity theft target?

Why You Could Be Next

If you are a little too carefree with how you handle your finances, you could be setting yourself up for trouble.

As an example, you have a company credit card that you let one or more employees use for office purchases. Although they may only be buying supplies or machines, can you trust them with your line of credit?

Now, what happens when that employee who’s had access to the card leaves the company? And what if they leave on not the best of terms? Could they try and get back at you by using the credit card info they stored?

Another example is using unsecure computers within your business to do customer transactions. Not only can you be at risk, but also those customers who you need to stay in business in the first place.

Hence the reason you should look into a LifeLock standard plan or other comparable plan.

With the right plan in place, you can sleep better at night knowing someone is looking out for you and your brand.

From monitoring your credit score to seeing if anyone tries to get into your banking, know what is going on.

Remember, it only takes one criminal to make life miserable for your small business.

Are Your Employees Doing Their Jobs?

If you have employees in your small business, you expect them to come to the job each day and put in a good day’s work.

That said are they doing all they can to help thwart identity theft thieves from crippling you?

One way to go about this is by making sure your computers have protection from hacking. Although your responsibility, make sure your workers don’t do anything to invite trouble.

One example is not doing anything to expose customer and business financial info.

Your employees also need to be cognizant of questionable emails that come to them.

Remind them to never open emails with attachments that they do not know who they are from. It only takes one opening to invite malware onto their computer. Once that happens, a criminal can get access to business and customer details.

Whether you are a business startup or have been around for years, make sure I.D. does not creep into your world.

If it does, you may rue the day you did not have the right protection in place to stave off trouble.

So, is it time to be more pro-active in taking the fight to identity theft?