Every year there are certain trends that either end up defining video marketing or at very least making a big splash. Although it is still early in 2018 there are already several trends that look likely to have an impact on the types of videos that are used in marketing this year.

In particular there are 3 trends that you will want to pay close attention to for video marketing in 2018:

  • Live video streams

Although livestreaming has been around for some time, it is only over the last year or so that social media started to take it on board. The combination has proven to be electrifying, and live videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms have expanded the number of viewers while providing record levels of engagement. The trend itself is still on the rise, and has a lot of potential for video marketing.

  • 360-degree videos

Once again 360-degree videos aren’t new per se, but it seems like they might finally come into their own this year due to the increasing popularity of VR as well as more devices that are capable of recording 360-degree videos. While it isn’t likely to be a staple of video marketing, it does offer a unique opportunity to create videos that are different and unique while leveraging new VR platforms.


  • Serialized content

As much as short, bite-sized videos have been the rage for years, longer and serialized content is starting to take hold. Fueled in part by Facebook’s ‘Watch’ tab, serialized content seems to attract and engage more viewers, and is able to pull off longer durations of videos. Although it is still early days for this trend, it could reshape marketing videos going forward.

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