Gaming and Entertainment

Bell Gardens, CA is home to the fantastic Bicycle Hotel and Casino, also known as “The Bike”. IT is the finest of its kind in Southern California, presented as a true oasis with modern, state of the art facilities and amenities. It is a place of luxury and relaxation, but also one where everybody is welcome, and will be made to feel like royalty.

The guest rooms are nothing short of elegant, and The Bike is right in the heart of the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles’ fantastic nightlife. The casino, meanwhile, has regular and exciting tournaments with high stake bets. The goal is for every guest to be able to escape reality for a while, and every little detail is taken care of. Guests can enjoy a world class spa, fantastic wines, and fine dining, while the casino offers both traditional and modern games.

Valet Parking

Naturally, The Bike offers a full valet parking service. In fact, their service is one of the most reliable and most respected in all of Los Angeles. Guests can simply drive up to the front of the casino, from where the valet can take over the vehicle. Their customer satisfaction rates are through the roof, particularly because the service is so good and so prompt. Plus, valet parking is free for hotel guests and costs just $5 for visitors.

Shoe Shine Services

Valet services enable people to make an entrance with a difference, but looking good is equally important. This is why The Bike also offers a convenient shoe shine service. People can either visit the booth, or hand over their shoes and enjoy the casino. As with everything at The Bike, the service is exceptional and the quality is out of this world. The shoe shine facility is ran and managed by Betty, who takes personal pride in all her work.

The service is available Monday through Saturday between 9am and 10pm, but is closed on Sunday. A regular shine costs $6. Boots, suede shoes, and golf shoes can also be shined at varying prices (between $7 and $8.50).

Massage Therapy

The Bike is equally committed to ensuring people can enjoy true wellness, whether they are in the hotel or using the casino. They have chair massagers available that offer instant stress reduction, muscle tension relief, and improvement of blood flow and circulation. The chair massage therapists employed by The Bike are all fully trained and dedicated to the comfort of the guests. All massages are upper body only on seated players, and costs $1 per minute, with a minimum five minute massage.

The Freedom Court

Last but not least, The Bike wants to make sure all its customers have their needs catered to. Hence, those who feel the need to get a quick breath of fresh air, have a cigarette, or look up at the stars can enter the atrium setting of the Freedom Court and continue to play at the same time. The Freedom Court looks like a garden and even has a waterfall to enjoy.