Simple Sewing Projects

Sewing is a hugely popular pastime although many of us just don’t have the time to spare on it. However, there is actually a big range of items that can be created in around an hour which allows you to fit in projects with your schedule.

Here’s a list of some small and yet really creative projects which take around an hour to complete:

 Quilted Tote Bag

Quilting is actually really simple although the look is really effective. Tote bags are easy to makes as they have a very basic shape although they are extremely useful. You can use your finished tote bag as somewhere to keep your sewing tools, as a beach bag or just as a gift to a loved one.

First of all, you need to cut your fabric pieces for the bag itself. You’ll need your patterned fabric and also lining which should be cut to the same shape. With a half inch seam, sew the lining and patterned fabrics together with the right sides facing together. Then, make a quilted effect by sewing evenly spaced diagonal lines from the top right-hand corner to the bottom left and then lines from the top left to the bottom right. This will give you the crisscrossed squares that create the distinctive quilted pattern.

Once you have attached and quilted the fabric and lining, you can then sew them together on three sides to leave the top open. This will be your tote bag and all that remains for you to do is cut some strips of the patterned fabric to the required length and sew them together to make the handles. If you want, you can cut out an additional rectangle of fabric to act as a bottom so that you have a little capacity. If you choose to do this you’ll have to also cut some semi-circle shapes to sew at the bottom edges so that there aren’t any gaps.

Decorative Bunting

There’s nothing that shouts “celebration” like some decorative bunting around the room or outside your home. This is a traditional decoration that you can customize according to the event when you make your bunting out of fabric. First of all, you need to gather together the fabrics you want to use, whether that’s recycled or bought new. Then you can cut your triangles for the bunting so that you have two sides for each small flag.

With the right sides facing, stitch the triangles along the bottom edge and then down the sides, leaving around half an inch gap before the bottom edge. This will create a small hole for you to thread your string or wool to attach your bunting flags together in a line. Then you can hang over your front porch or the fireplace, ready for the special occasion.

Cushion Covers

Perhaps one of the easiest and more effective sewing projects are cushion covers which you can use in several rooms in your home. The best thing about creating your own soft furnishings is that you can choose the fabrics that compliment your interior colour scheme. Whether you are making standard or shaped cushions, just cut two pieces of fabric to the shape you need leaving an inch for the seam. Then stitch together with the right sides facing, leaving about three inches gap in the stitches. Turn your cushion cover inside out so that the right side is facing outside. Carefully stuff your cushion pad inside the three-inch gap and tack together neatly to conceal the opening.


 Pillowcases are easy to sew within 60 minutes and they are also much more fun than the ones you usually get with bed sets. Cut out a triangle template for the pillowcase size you need and cut out two pieces of fabric you’ve chosen. Then cut out half the template size again so that you have three pieces. Sew the half-sized piece to one of the others with the right sides facing and just along three sides so that there’s an opening at the bottom.

Place the remaining piece of fabric over the top of the two already sewn together so that the pocket opens at the outside edge of the pillowcase. Stitch around three edges to leave an opening across the whole of the top edge. Turn to the right side facing outside and there you have a pillowcase with a pocket to keep your pillow in place.

Travel Change & Play Mat

When you have a new baby, you need a mat you can carry around for when you want to change them while on-the-go. You can create a changing mat that doubles up as a play mat in less than an hour. You can also fold it up for easy storage so that it’s portable.

Choose two fabrics that are completely contrasting. Once should be vinyl or plastic-coated material that you can use to change your baby on and the other a fun coloured and textured fabric they can play on. Simply cut both fabrics to the same rectangular size. Cut another rectangle of padding with a border one inch less than the fabric shapes.

Sandwich the padding between the two fabrics so that the right sides are facing outwards. Turn in and sew around the edges so that the padding is kept firmly in place. If you have enough time, you might want to add a little-quilted detail on the mat with your sewing machine. 

Customize your Clothing with Decorative Patches

If you have an old jean jacket or a sweater that has seen better days, you can find a wealth of stunning decorative patches to apply to them. Applique has been used as a technique for decoration for many years and today there is a vast range of all types of patches to choose from. You can personalize clothing or make a statement quickly and easily by using sewing patches and they are quick and easy to apply. If you want to know more about the kind of patches there are to brighten up your wardrobe, read more now.