Hipsters, what comes in your mind when you hear this word ? Skinny jeans, fake reading glasses, unkempt beards, flannel, and every other stereotyped things society has attached with that word. Today, we are going to look at this word from a different perspective; what is the one thing that separate hipsters from plain people ? Their attitude, unique charm and boldness. Interestingly, today we are going to talk about how those traits combine to make a perfect entrepreneur.

The way we look at it, Hipster is someone who embraced creative ideas and liked being different from the rest. It could also be the way of doing business and that too efficiently. The idea is realistic because, the cost of starting a company and finding customers has plummeted in recent years. Whereas creating a business with a huge reach does not take more than a couple of days now.

So let us look at a list of business ideas for hipster minded people and why they can excel at it:

1. Open a coffee shop


Everyone likes a coffee on the go. It is one of the best business ideas for hipsters to start a coffee shop. They provide those hippy vibes that everyone enjoys and is a crowd-puller. All they need is some themed interior designing and making coffee is no rocket-science.

You can provide additional offerings like brunch, cocktails after evening time and the possibilities are endless. Name your coffee corner something quirky and put-on some vibrant colours to go along with the mood. There you go, you have started an all-season business without a huge investment.

2. Tattoo business


Being a hipster, you must have a couple of tattoos and some good acquaintances. This gives you the opportunity to master the skill of tattooing and open-up a store by yourself. You need to have a license and permits to get started but it won’t take much of your time and money.

All you need to do is create a attractive atmosphere and provide quality services and your business will flourish quickly. You need to target the right customers and promote your business on the appropriate platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

3. Dropshipping business

The idea of drop shipping is that a the supplier offers you the option of selling products without buying them first. They also store, pack and ship products to the customers directly for you. It is the perfect business for a hipster. You literally have to do nothing except making right decisions.

Firstly, select your niche and that should not be a problem for an out-of-box thinker. Then, you need to find a suitable supplier and the platform you will be selling your products on. That’s it, now sit back and relax and wait for your first order. To make your easy work even easier you can opt for a small business inventory management software like EMERGE App that is there to take care of all your dropshipping details for you.

4. Launch a book store


No matter how far the technology goes, books can not be replaced and there is still a healthy number of people who prefer books over staring into tablets. Online stores like Amazon have put book-stores out of business and that has lead to a sharp decline in number of bookstores.

Opening a bookstore can be a good idea for a hipster because of their unique taste. It is something very practical and doesn’t require a lot of investment.

You can even start selling on ecommerce platforms as well.

5. Open up an antique shop


Opening up an antique shop goes hand in hand with a hipster personality. There are people who like to collect antiques and have a taste for authentic vintage stuff. The income may not be that steady but there are some huge deals and the business is same as a hipster: one of a kind.

You can also use your store as a pawn shop and widen your scope and opportunities. You need a license for this business and have to build a reputation in the market first.

6. Roll out a food truck


If you have sufficient capital you can open up a full-fledged cafe or restaurant but with a comparatively small investment you can easily start a Food-truck business. It is unorthodox than an old-fashioned regular cafe and appeals to the young, hip crowd.

You have to stick to the basics and get the required licenses and permits but most of the expenses get reduced. You can offer a variety of food items and do something creative with the truck.

7. Interior designing


There is a large number of new food joints opening up and if you can not afford to open one, you can certainly decorate one according to your unique taste. People like quirky interior designing, themed restaurant and you can make money out of this.

You can charge an hourly fee to clients for your work, partner with your favorite furniture stores or manufacturers to work on commission, or a combination of the two. This way you get to do what you do best: reflect your personality in your work and you will surely gain popularity if you offer quality services.

8. Event planning


More and more individuals and companies are hiring freelance event planners to manage the design, logistics, and coordination of pulling off major events. You could certainly choose this business idea and get in the event planning game.

From a kid’s birthday party to a retirement party, there is demand for event planning everywhere. You need to have versatile way of planning according to the crowd and in no time you will get a lot of work.

Summing it up!

We don’t all have to build a business empire, some of us can settle for happy-go-lucky businesses to keep the wheel running. Hipsters bring that attitude to the business that everyone admires and there is something about their style which acts as a crowd-puller. You can use that to your advantage and pursue your passion with minimal investment. So, go on Hipsters, do business the same way you live your life, Smiling and fearless.