How much is your time worth? This is an important question that far too few of us are asking on a regular basis. Whether you’re late to work, late for a flight or train, or you’re in an emergency, and you’ve got places you need to be, the urge to speed can be overwhelming at times, and others we won’t even think about it.

This is a dangerous way to live your life, especially when you consider there are over 40,000 speeding and road related deaths in the US every single year. These are the statistics from 2016, the second highest in over a century.

Imagine a stadium filled with 40,000 people, gone, every single year because people were not maintaining the speed limits that are set on the roads. It’s a crazy thought to think about, but it doesn’t stop there.

Today, we’re going to explore if speeding is really worth doing when you’re trying to get to your intended destination, or whether it’s best to play it safe.

Your Money or Your Life

Continuing on from what we spoke about in the introduction, 40,000 people die every single year in speeding relating incidents in the US alone. That doesn’t just mean drivers. You could be driving along and die because somebody else is speeding, whereas they might come out the other side unharmed.

A speeding car could hit a pedestrian, taking away their life leaving the driver unscathed. Just because you’re speeding, that doesn’t mean just your life is at risk. Everybody around you is. Can you live with that on your conscious? If you find yourself in a situation like this, you’ll need to invest in professional service that helping accident victims cope with what’s happened.

The Cost of Speeding

The Simple Dollar recently created an amazing article which details whether speeding is financially worthwhile in the first place. They’ve worked out the chances you’ll get caught speeding, the amount of money you earn per hour and how much you’ll lose based on being late, as well as a range of other variables including miles per gallon, fuel costs and so much more.

On average, for a car that gets 25 miles to the gallon, if you drive 200 miles at 65, your trip will cost you $20. However, travelling 80 ranks your trip up to $46.03, costing you over double for a 15-speed increase.

Decreasing the Quality of Your Vehicle

While you may be spending a lot more money in life due to speeding and more by the hour in terms of how much money you’re spending, it’s important to note that you’re actively destroying the quality of your vehicle by speeding and will need repairs and serving far more often.

This is because traveling at high speeds creates more strain on the different parts of the vehicle and create more general wear and tear. This means more fixing and replacement parts which means more cost to you.


As you can see, no matter which way you look at it, speeding really isn’t worth doing at any point in your life. Even if you’re extremely late for the biggest meeting of your life, will it matter if you don’t get there alive? Be mindful of your actions and the potential consequences to protect yourself and other people using the roads.