Life can throw up a great many situations which means that you need some money and invariably this happens when you don’t have any. Whether it be a family emergency, a maintenance problem at home or some other unexpected reason why you need some money, not having money when you need it can be a real pain. Thankfully however, there are some ways in which you can get your hands on some money fast, and here are just a few examples which you could try.

Auto Loans

As mentioned in the title, you can use your car to secure a small loan to help you out of the bind which you have found yourself in. The amount of money which you can receive from auto loans in Florida for example, will greatly depend on the type of car which you have, the financial situation which it is in, as well as the age of the car. Auto loans are a great way of securing yourself some short term cash, to get out of a hole.

Friends and Family

Don’t discount asking friends and family to borrow a little bit of money to help you get out of the problem which you are in. It is worth noting that money, and the lending of money, can be very dangerous between friends and family so you really need to make sure that you pay every cent back, on time. Don’t make a habit of asking friends and family for money but if you need some fast cash, that is exactly what these people are there for, to help you out.

Freelance Work

If you have some computing skills or you can write a little, you can find some freelance work online with ease. You may not be able to earn thousands of dollars overnight, but you can use freelance writing to bag a small amount of cash to help you out. Check out a website such as Upwork which connects freelancers and employers.

Selling Stuff

Selling your stuff online is very easy with auction sites such as eBay and if you are really desperate for some cash, why not have a root around at home and see what you can find, that may hold some value. Remember that people will buy just about anything online so as long as the item is in good condition, you can unlock some money from the stuff that you have lying around.


If you are really stuck and have nowhere else left to turn, you could chance your arm at an online casino. Many of these casinos will have free welcome offers which means that you will be gambling with free cash, rather than your own. Be careful when you gamble as it can be very addictive, get it right though, and your money problem could disappear in a heartbeat.