Many people believe that, if they go hitchhiking in Australia, they should disconnect from everything. Though this may work for some, it is actually much better to take advantage of all the possibilities that today’s technology offers. Fortunately, there are many travel apps that make it easy to make the best out of your trip. Read more to see which are the ones that we recommend.


Not so long ago, travelers would stay only in hotels, motels, or hospitals. Unless, of course, they knew somebody in the city they were going to. Now, thanks to Airbnb, people can stay in all kinds of accommodations. From a luxurious apartment in the center of the city to a castle in the middle of the forest. This app is better suited for short term stays, which is perfect if you’re hitchhiking around Australia. For those who want a more permanent stay, there is also the possibility of renting long term.


When most people picture Australia, they think mainly about the beaches, the desert, or the coral reef. But there is more to this country. Australia has plenty of big, beautiful cities. And getting around a new city can be quite challenging. This is where citymapper comes into play. This app includes maps of the transport system of the main cities around the world. So, in this way, you can move around like a local. Forget about getting lost or having to lose face asking for directions when you travel.

Beach safe

Australian beaches are known worldwide for their beauty. Yet, they may not be the safest. This app is perfect for that. It shows information about the safety of the beaches and the water in the whole country in real time. It also includes information about the weather and the services and amenities that are available near to each beach. This app is must-have for those who plan to surf while in Australia. And, by the way, you should definitely surf in Australia. Beachsafe will prove essential for those who want to enjoy one of Australia’s most amazing features.


One of the biggest drawbacks of being on a trip abroad is not having your own car. Many people try to solve this by using taxes. But using them regularly be quite expensive. Uber, however, offers the same benefits of using a taxi. But usually at a much lower price. The price of moving from one place to another depends on demand. The higher the demand the higher the price of the trip.

Most of the times, however, it will be quite cheap to go from one place to another. The best part is that you don’t even have to have bills of the local currency to pay, as you can simply pay with your own credit card. What is more, this app is one of the safest in the market, as it gives you all the drivers details and shows you the trip in real time. Believe me, there is no more convenient and safest way to travel when abroad.