Sahara desert in MoroccoMorocco as a country is one giant adventure destination. It has a fascinating local culture, as well as deep history, and many of its biggest draws are the dramatic scenery found on every corner of the country. From the ocean to the desert, and the imposing mountains, Morocco is the perfect destination for adventurous outings.

Experience the Sahara

No trip to Morocco could be complete without seeing the Sahara. There are numerous spots around the desert, like the village Merzouga, that feel completely cut out of the world. Not in a lonely way, but to make you feel like you’re adventuring through the desert on horseback or camelback while hunting for treasures.

Go Surfing or Horseback Riding in Essaouira

This city is located on the Atlantic shore and is known as the Wind City of Africa. While it’s considered a great place to go to relax, there are plenty of activities to do too. Besides exploring this unique spot, kite-surfing and regular surfing are really popular here. However, the best thing to do in Essaouira is to ride a horse on the beach while the sun sets.

Explore the Historic Tangier

Morocco and Spain have a long and shared history together, and that’s completely apparent in Tangier. It’s located in the northern part of the country and is also one of the most stunning areas in Morocco. Spots like the Caves of Hercules and Cap Spartel are some very unforgettable places, and also ideal to visit on bike.

Shop in the Marrakech Medina

There’s no better place to experience Moroccan culture that the medina in Marrakech. It’s an enormous hub of activity, which is best explored by getting lost in it. Its many vendors and merchants create an impeccable atmosphere. There are a lot of historic spots here, like the Koutoubia Mosque, and the entirety of Jemaa El-Fna Square.

Enjoy the Mysterious Atlas Mountains

From sweeping vistas to narrow passages, the Atlas Mountains have it all. A very popular way to experience them is by biking, which is arguably the best way to see Morocco’s stunning scenery. Another unique destination is Todra Gorge. It’s an enchanting canyon with steep vertical cliffs on both sides. There are parts of the gorge where the passage is very narrow and the walls are just a few steps away from one another.

Spot Unique Wildlife Across the Country

Morocco is home to numerous types of species of animals. It has a lot of different habitats that range from rocky mountains to sprawling greenery. Many species of birds have made their home in the rivers and the wetlands of Morocco, which is why wildlife spotting is always a popular adventure.

Get Lost in Tazekka National Park

This park is one of Morocco’s best examples of nature conservation. It was originally created to help preserve an area of cedar trees and has now grown to an enormous park filled with spotless nature. Hiking its trails is an unforgettable activity, as well as discovering its many hidden waterfalls.

There’s no shortage of adventures in Morocco. It’s a destination filled with wonder and excitement, and everyone should visit it at least once in their lives.