Not having a good credit score or having no credit score can make it hard to get good interest rates on loans and credit cards. The good news is, it is entirely possible to improve or build up your credit score. By taking advantage of different opportunities to improve your score and using some of these strategies you can be on your way to better credit.

1. Know Your Score 

When working to build a better credit score it is important to keep track of your progress. You should be able to keep an eye on credit history through credit reports which you can access online from a credit reporting agency. Not only can reviewing your credit report help you with the goal-setting process but it can also help you catch any mistakes that may have been made in the report so you can get them fixed. It can be a good idea to check your credit score at least once a year to keep track of any changes. 

2. Use a Credit Card 

One of the most straightforward ways to build up your credit can be by using a credit card for your regular purchases. It is important to keep in mind that this strategy only works if you consistently pay the card off on time each month, so keeping an accurate budget is a must. If you use the card responsibly, it should reflect well in your credit record and lead to a better credit score over time. This can also be a good way to start building up your credit if you’re just starting out as it can be relatively easy and isn’t overly risky.

3. Find a Cosigner

While not the best option for everybody, finding a cosigner to go in with you on a loan can be a way to get a better rate. If you do it right and make sure that everything gets paid for, you and the cosigner can both get the benefit of building better credit. However, getting a friend or family member to cosign with you has the potential of turning into a bad situation if things don’t get paid off and it ends up being a problem that you both have to deal with.

4. Take Out a Loan

While for many people getting a good interest rate on a loan is the reason they want to improve their credit score, it turns out that taking out a loan can also be a way to help raise your credit score. For example, getting a car loan helps build credit score if you make all your payments fully and on time. You can also use other payments you are making, such as rent to improve your score if you can find a way to report them to the credit agency. This can often be done online.

5. Exercise Good Habits

In the end, the more responsible you are with your money, the better your credit score should be. One of the most important ways you can work towards improved credit is by exercising self-discipline and making it a goal to always get payments made on time. Habit building can be an important part of this process. You should find that once you make putting money aside and planning ahead part of your routine, the entire process becomes much easier.


Improving your credit score can help make many other financial aspects of your life easier. While it can take some dedication, getting better credit is more than worth the work you put in. Taking control of your financial situation can be very rewarding and help you to reduce stress in many other aspects of your life.