Brands leave similar impressions on us the way other people do. The same way you may like a person for a simple reason like their personality is tied to the feelings that we have about the brands we interact with in our daily lives. These feelings in most cases have a great influence on our buying habits.

When you know about the simple things that make people fall in love with brands, you could utilize them to attract a dedicated customer base for your business. Some of the reasons people engage with brands include:

1. Brand Story and Cause

These days, customers don’t just settle for being customers alone; they are interested in being part of a community and part of something bigger. With every purchase they make, they want to believe they are making a statement and standing for a cause.

You could attract cult-following for your brand if you can give people a cause to identify with.  Create a purpose and story and give them reasons to align with your brand and story.

2. Who We Are and What We Could Be

While people represent “reality”, brands paint the picture of “potential”. Most times, the brands we choose to identify with provide us with a picture of who we could be. So, we buy products and follow the brands as an expression of our better selves, allowing us to create goals and desires.

Apple says that when you buy a Mac Book, you are learning more about the world around you while contributing to it. This shows the importance of a brand message.  It helps customers find out what they wish for themselves and how the brand can provide that. Think attractiveness, attitude and achievements.

3. Reliable Partnership

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s is one of the most respected global brands? The brand is standardized, consistent, reliable and very predictable. You are always certain that the treatment and service you will get in the USA is the same you will get in the UAE.

You gain customer loyalty and trust when you constantly insist on the same quality of products and service for all branches of your company. Reliability and dependability are key factors customers do not overlook.

4. Unique Offerings

Another easy way to gain loyal followers is to offer something unique no other brand can provide. This automatically generates brand loyalty when you constantly deliver that unforgettable and unique experience which is unmatched by your competition. 

Find out something that’s unique about your brand or create one. Then let people know about that unique offering through proper brand messaging. Give them reasons to try your brand for the first time and experience that unique offering.

5. Incentives, Reward Schemes, and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs give your customers a default and extra reason to love you. Customers love regular discounts, special deals, exclusive access, and occasional gifts. As your customers show their loyalty by sticking to your brand, you need to reward that loyalty with great incentives. These guarantee continued loyalty and also creates a sense of fulfilment for the customer.

Building a loyal customer following requires extra effort but is ultimately easy if you care about your customers.  People will choose over every other company in your niche when you give them a good reason to.

To create brand loyalists out of your customers, start by using some of these ideas. Identify what makes you unique, spin a story around it, sell the story effectively, and use incentives to retain your customers. You can also utilize the power of social media to cultivate brand loyalty through proper engagement.