Health Industry

Like most industries, health and fitness hasn’t been immune to change over the years. On the contrary, this is one field which has developed immensely over time and changed in ways which people didn’t even think possible several years ago.

We’re not just talking about the fitness-specific apps, and other changes that are relevant to pretty much every industry out there. Instead, we’re focussing on some which have specifically impacted health and fitness – and changed the way we approach our bodies. Let’s take a look at the top four.

The rise of fat loss surgery

Roll back the clock less than a decade and fat loss surgery was frowned upon to say the least.

Sure, there were some fantastic case studies out there, but at the same time there was a lot of scepticism and a lot of people just thought they were fads that don’t work.

Now, the situation has well and truly turned on its head. You only have to take a look at a company like Sono Bello, to see how their stock has risen, and note the surge in popularity here.

Advancements in treatment procedures have transformed our thinking in relation to surgery and with the likes of laser liposuction now such a common treatment, our view is that this field is only going to get even more popular.

The fall of cardio?

We’ve put a question mark over this next development as in truth, cardio is still very popular. Look around the streets, and urban running is bigger than ever, but in some ways its popularity has fallen.

We are referring to the reasons that people approach cardio. It used to all be about weight loss, but an increased understanding in fitness means that this isn’t necessarily the primary goal for people anymore. People now understand that cardio isn’t usually a successful long-term approach to weight loss and there are much more efficient means out there.

As such, those people you do see running, are most probably doing so for their general health – not necessarily for their waistline.

The emergence of Instagram

Few would disagree that Instagram has transformed the fitness industry. It’s made some average personal trainers into multi-millionaires, but from a general perspective it’s just made fitness much more motivating.

Seeing people go from obese to beach body is something that can inspire even the biggest couch-potato out there. Sure, some might just see it as an app, but for many it’s the motivation behind waking up in a morning and heading to the gym.

Fitness on a budget

Perhaps the best advancement we’ve seen is how fitness has suddenly become more accessible. Once upon a time it wasn’t uncommon to see gyms only attracting a certain clientele, but now budget establishments are very much in fashion. You can get away with paying a minimum monthly fee, with no contract, and this means that cost is very rarely a barrier for anyone who is looking to transform their body.