Gossip columnists and their readers get excited when they hear about the latest celebrity divorce is in the courtroom. They’re waiting for the juicy details that caused the marriage to crumble. But sometimes those details never show up. Why? Because the celebrities requested that the records be sealed by the court in order to prevent private information from getting into the public. And it is understandable that celebrities would want to protect their privacy even though it’s arguable that they live in the limelight which means they gave up their privacy. But the reasons for sealing records are typically for good reasons and following are three of them.

Protecting Minor Children

Celebrities often have minor children that can become pawns in a nasty divorce case. And because the children of celebrities didn’t ask to be in the limelight, they have the right to their privacy. Their parents usually seek to keep their children out of the media by sealing the court records or having names removed altogether. Children don’t ask to be in the media spotlight and the media can’t be trusted to respect the wishes of celebrity parents, so court records get sealed. This may seem counterintuitive as many a celebrity has let the name of their children get published, but there are those who have managed to maintain private lives and prefer to keep it that way.

Private Details About Life Away From the Public

Some celebrities have a reputation that precedes them in the form of a wild lifestyle. Pictures of them doing something taboo are common on social media and gossip websites. Sometimes that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the celebrity is really up to in their private life. Then there are celebs who live a quiet life and don’t do crazy things. The absence of such activity sometimes gets rumors started that shouldn’t. Letting court records stay public could put those rumors to rest, but the celebrity doesn’t owe anybody anything. They still have the right to seal their records. And they have the right to keep aspects of their lives away from prying eyes. It may make for good copy, but some things don’t need to get published for the entire world to see.

Keeping Net Worth Private

There are celebrities that make a lot of money for anything they do. But their earnings are an issue of privacy and not necessarily something the public needs to know about. Another issue that comes up with net worth is when one spouse requests financial support from their partner. The amounts asked for seem excessive to the public at large and can sometimes even damage the reputation of a celebrity. Sealing the records is just good sense.

These are some of the reasons why celebrities try to keep their divorce records private. The desire to preserve some privacy during a painful period in their life is an understandable one, and requests for privacy shouldn’t surprise anyone.