Video Marketing

Video marketing just keeps going from strength to strength, with an audience that is constantly expanding. However there are still some businesses that aren’t getting in on it yet – often due to some of the myths surrounding video marketing.

To be entirely honest most of the myths about video marketing simply aren’t true, and there are three in particular that you need to realize are completely wrong:

  • Creating videos is expensive

Often people believe this myth because they feel that creating videos require professional expertise and equipment – which isn’t true at all. While it does help to know what you’re doing nowadays you can get by with a simple digital camera, smartphone, and a relatively basic video editor. In fact in some cases going the inexpensive route may be preferable, due to the authenticity it provides.

  • Not all industries can use video marketing

Again this doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny, but stems from the fact that people assume video marketing only applies to specific parts of marketing. Nowadays videos are used throughout the entire length and breadth of marketing funnels, and can work in pretty much all industries regardless of whether they are B2B or B2C.

  • If it doesn’t go viral then it isn’t working

While it would be nice to have all your videos go viral and rack up millions of views – that isn’t likely to happen. The fact of the matter is that video marketing doesn’t need to go viral in order to be effective, and can still help you to attract, engage, and convert more customers than most other methods.

Having done away with those myths, you should hopefully be starting to see just how important it is that you get on board the video marketing train. As mentioned previously you don’t need much to get started, and the one thing you may want to give a try is Movavi Video Editor.

Not only is Movavi Video Editor easy to use and intuitive, but it has all the features you need to produce impressive videos. It will let you remove unwanted footage, merge clips together, add audio tracks, apply special effects, insert text, include animated transitions, and much more. Suffice to say it can act as a great YouTube video maker, or help you to create videos for other areas of your marketing campaign too.

Although you may have little or no experience creating videos, it won’t take you long to get started with Movavi Video Editor. In fact if you have a few minutes to spare you should try it out now – and odds are you’ll be able to create your very first video on your initial attempt.