Traveling around the world can be amazing fun – so much so that you could actually feel disheartened once you are finally back home. However, you don’t necessarily have to leave the abroad… abroad. Here are ways travel experiences can inspire your interior style…

Get Indian summer-sive with these prints

You can give yourself the zen feeling of an Indian retreat if you decorate a room with swirling paisley prints and splashes of vibrant pink and burnt orange, Ideal Home says. Suitable finishing touches can include elements of rusty carmine and burnt ochre.

Set your sights Highlands

Staying in the Scottish peaks can be wonderfully soothing. You can help replicate that relaxing ambience back home by investing in wooden slats, woollen tartan and lots of faux fur for the look of a hunting lodge.

Don’t be by the book – be by the Brooklyn

As Kajagoogoo once sang, life in the Big Apple moves very fast… and you could be similarly speedy in having some dangling industrial lights and basic oak worktops fitted in your home. Those can help cultivate a Brooklyn style, as can exposed distressed brick walls.

Go from coast to coast… at your home

Even if you live in a bustling city, adding dainty shell chains and wicker baskets can make your home feel more like it is right beside the sea and lapping waves.

Make more of Morocco

North African style can be remarkable for bringing together similarly-shaded stripes and geometrics in a way that appears collected, not chaotic. Why not follow this philosophy in your own home?

The ski’s the limit

If snowy mountains are more your scene, you could instead make a room look more like a cosy chalet in Whistler. Install firewood displays and exposed timbers before adding cosy cushions and abundant shaggy faux fur.

Go Wild Wild West, in the not-so-open air

The period of the American Old West has been highly romanticised in popular culture – and you can similarly beautify your home by giving it handmade materials like warm-toned matt leather. Also don’t forget to add some untreated wood and cacti in terracotta pots, as Ideal Home advises.

Bring a French revolution to your residence

The French are adept at bringing both cool and timelessness to their room schemes. You could follow their example by pulling bold striped fabric across an otherwise formal sofa and placing some casual cushions to distract from a luxurious chandelier.

Include lots of sage for a new age

The image-sharing social network Pinterest has highlighted sage as a colour that could be especially “in” during 2018. This grey-green, but still neutral, hue can soften a room’s look, says House Beautiful. However, why choose just one variant of green when you can opt for several…

Patterned plants can let a better-looking room take root

Adding several patterned plants can be a simple way of giving a room multiple shades of green. Those plants can look especially apt if a lantern roof is installed to let more light enter the room.